StM Meeting Notes - 4/30/2015

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StM Meeting Notes - 4/30/2015

Postby FootHillsGeek » Tue May 05, 2015 2:06 pm

Attendees: Mitchel, Michelle, Derek

Recent Events:
- Catwaba Hamfest: Went well, a little interest in the old computers.
- Burlington Mini Makerfaire: Lots of interest in old computers, not enough StM members present to staff many machines.

Upcoming Events:
- FCW open house on May 23rd. Would like to schedule a work-meeting to happen before then to set up machines in the entrance area and help FCW out with other tasks.
- LinuxFest SouthEast: $50 for a table. Need volunteers (shouldn't be a problem) and computers to display.

Recent Acquisitions:
- IBM AS/400 with monitor and keyboard. Needs operating system. Currently located in hallway outside classroom.
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