CNC Plasma cutter?

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CNC Plasma cutter?

Postby Blazer » Tue Apr 07, 2015 10:20 am

Hi, I'm Brad. I saw your workshop - my wife actually pointed it out, and it looks pretty interesting. I live about 5 miles to the east.

I have a collection of "good junk" that I have had the idea of using to build a CNC plasma table. Thompson and THK type linear rails, ball screws, some servo motors, Bosch tubing, etc.

I have a lot going on and there is no time in the near future that I can even get started on this project. If there is interest at FCW to tackle such a project I would probably be willing to donate the whole kit & caboodle (and clear it out of my shop.)

Do you have 3-phase power? If so I might have a line on getting some other nice equipment donated.
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