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Welding Equpment

Postby charlessenf » Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:06 pm

I have a set of Oxygen/Acetylene tanks and an AC Stick Welder.

I thought to open this topic to see if anyone else here might have similar or additional welding apparatus, or interest(s) in welding generally.

On my Bucket List, there is an item 'Learn to weld Aluminum,' that has been frustrated by my lack of understanding as to what is required and with the tools available in a price range from (apparently) as little as a hundred dollars from (no groaning now) HFT and Lincoln, et al. (not to mention the used items seen on Craigslist)

While I might be guided by retail price as to quality of the alternatives, I would rather see one at work, and possibly glean some recommendations from satisfied users before committing serious money on a four hundred dollar welder that promises success on the box.

And, I would offer my skills (such as they are) as an un-certified welder should anyone here have the need and not the equipment.

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